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Q. Everyone keeps telling me to drink 8 glasses of water a day. How can my body use all that water?
A. Water is essential to the human body. The human body can go up to six weeks without food, but will only last a week without water. Once in your body, water is hard at work. It takes care of everything from regulating body temperature, protecting and cushioning vital organs, removing waste, and converting food into energy. And don't forget your brain -- it is 75% water. So as you can see it is crucial to your body to get enough water.
Q. But winter is coming up and I don't need as much water, right? Water Cooler
A.Wrong. You will not feel as thirsty but you are still going to lose water through perspiration. Also you will lose water through exhaled air. When cold dry air is inhaled, the lungs warm and moisten the air. This creates an intense demand on the bodies water supply.
Q. Why should I choose Scheopner's water?
A.Scheopner's Water is purified by Reverse Osmosis and then Ozonated. A process that removes nearly all (greater than 98 percent) of the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) from the water. Ozonation is a powerful disinfectant used to eliminate any microbiological contaminants such as Cryptosporidium or other water borne bacteria. Scheopner's Water Conditioning goes to every effort to test and ensure our product quality. Scheopner's Water is electronically monitored 24 hours a day for total dissolved solids. We run tests with every daily batch of water for over 25 different parameters and contaminants, including bacteria with our own in-house lab. Our water is tested weekly by an independent laboratory for all FDA parameters. Annually, we voluntarily submit to an extensive water analysis, testing for over 1,500 possible contaminants, performed by a National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certified laboratory. As in accordance with our voluntary membership in the International Bottled Water Association we have an annual unannounced plant inspection performed by the NSF. This inspection involves all areas of production from paper work, testing, personnel certification, cleanliness, and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points. No contaminants have been detected above FDA's limits in our water as demonstrated on the Consumer Confidence Report. There have been no violations of any FDA Standards of Quality.
Q. What is the IBWA?
A. The International Bottled Water Association is the trade association representing the bottled water industry. Founded in 1958, IBWA's member companies produce and distribute 85% of the bottled water sold in the United States. Members include U.S. and International bottlers, distributors and suppliers.
Q. How much does a bottled water cooler cost? Water Bottles
A. The table below has pricing for some of our most popular models. Please contact a Scheopner’s Water Conditioning Service Representative for more details. Don't forget our rent with an option to buy plan. For one year you can get 100% of your rent put towards the purchase of the unit. We also have refurbished units and lease to own plans available.
Bottled Water Cooler Pricing
(Prices subject to change.)
Model Monthly Rent Purchase
Cold and Room Temperature $ 10.00 $ 299.00
Cold and Instant Hot $ 14.00 $ 349.00

Q. How about the price of the water.
A. We have many different size options available for delivery to your door or pick up from our store. The table below has pricing for our most common options. Scheopner’s Water is also available in many of your favorite local stores. Click Here for a complete list of local stores where Scheopner's Bottled Water is available for purchase.
Bottled Water Pricing
(Prices subject to change.)
5 Gallon
Picked Up $3.85
Delivered $7.50
Delivered (10 or more) $5.75
Bottle Deposit (Refundable) $7.50

3 Gallon
Picked Up $2.35
Delivered $5.10
Delivered (10 or more) $3.70
Bottle Deposit (Refundable) $4.50

1 Gallon
Picked Up $0.75
Delivered $1.33

1/2 Liter
Single $0.50
Case of 24 $12.00
Customized Labels
We can customize the labels on our 1/2 liter sports bottles for any occasion. Labels are water proof, designed and printed by us, so the process is quick. There is usually a setup fee of $100, but prices do vary depending on how many colors are used. We produce labels for many events, such as...
  • Business Promotions
  • Charity Events
  • Weddings
  • Baby and Wedding Showers
  • Family and School Reunions
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